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Join the Fourth Transition


We live at an exciting time in history. Amidst all the chaos it can be difficult to see that nature is inviting us to fill a unique evolutionary niche where, as a society, we understand our entire system of multiple energy co-dependencies. Now, in response to the Climate Emergency, the Energy Crisis and other ecological, social and financial threats, we are presented with a first-time-in-history opportunity to free ourselves from those threats by transitioning back to a fully solar based economy as nature intended, in record time. Numerous previous civilisations have collapsed because they failed to understand their own relationship with the environment that supported them.

Faced with the current avalanche of threats and extremes, we cannot afford to be complacent. Compared with previous civilisation collapses, this time is different. This time the challenges facing us are global.  As a species, we have become wholly dependent on energy technology. There is no other place to go and for billions of people there is no other more basic lifestyle to revert to for survival. Human beings are presently the most endangered species on the planet. Both the threat of extinction and the pathway to safety are both much, much closer than most people realise. The time frame to change course is years, not decades and the next few years will be critical.

Technology is much more than devices - it is the framework of understanding, the body of knowledge and the application of that knowledge to practical problems. It is the state-of-the-art (techné) critically analysed in words (logos) and which is expressed as products, services, business and financial models, decision-making processes and related social and financial relationships.

Intuitively we are all becoming increasingly aware that something is not right in our world. Something is missing in the technology, a key piece of knowledge, waiting to be discovered, released and integrated into our understanding of our relationship with our environment.

At nGeni Australia, jointly with our European partners, Fourth Transition Ltd and Cool Planet Foundation Stichting, we have cracked the code.

The key to the Fourth Transition is to properly understand the hidden dependencies and losses in our existing energy supply chains so we can build the correct renewable energy infrastructure as quickly as possible - before our economic, industrial and social systems break down any further. Unlike previous lost civilisations, this time we have the technology to see it coming and prepare before it is too late.

We call it the Fourth Transition because it comes after the previous three major Transitions: (1) development of hunting and gathering some 3 Million years ago; (2) development of agriculture and urbanisation about 10,000 years ago; and (3) development of the Industrial World that began about 270 years ago. Our survival as a species now depends on successfully achieving this Fourth Transition.

Our blog series presents the relationship of human civilisation to our environment in terms we can relate to in our day to day lives. We don't need complicated science in the hands of ruling elites, high-level reports and government mandates, lock downs, restrictions on liberty, economic controls, mass printing of money by central banks or a steady diet of factory grown GMO foods to live within our means. We have all the energy we need, all around us, falling from the sky in abundance as it has always done. The sun's energy powers all life on this planet easily, with or without our intervention and it is indifferent to governments, or banks or even human beings.


All we need is the means to correctly harvest it and a common sense understanding of our reality and we can be free.

The core building block to achieve the Fourth Transition is the nGeni GreenBox, which enables shifting from 88% energy wastage to well over 80% productive use of the primary energy used. It is a mechanically simple device, far simpler than an internal combustion engine, which it must be if we are to replace our supply chains with what resources we have remaining. Don't be fooled however, it is not the device itself but the application of a first principles approach to how it is integrated and deployed in a wide range of applications that completely rewrites how energy is accessed, used and stored.

The traditional models of business investment and return, based as they are on a poorly understood and now almost completely broken financial system, are not a suitable fit for disruptive technology such as nGeni. Intellectual property, technical know-how and in-kind equity will become the new sources of value and bases of contract as we navigate uncertain times ahead.

nGeni Australia is looking for people who "get it" and understand the nature of the challenges ahead to join us in accelerating the Fourth Transition. Entrepreneurs, maverick investors, support staff and members of the general public are all necessary and all welcome. If you want to get involved, drop us a line, we would love to hear your story.

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