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Use Cases

nGeni can be deployed in numerous ways and provides a highly efficient energy management system that can deliver reduced energy consumption, fossil fuel independence and the real possibility of net zero carbon emissions.

Multiple nGeni GreenBoxes can be deployed in a given setting and can provide efficient energy capture, transfer and storage across several locations and user end points. An integrated digital auditing system allows for the accounting of energy use and provides the framework for peer-to-peer energy trading and allocation of cost and value centres.

nGeni Greenbox Summary
domestic rooftop solar capture array


nGeni can provide a complete energy solution for domestic environments such as a house or a set of apartments. The GreenBox provides inputs and outputs for all heating and cooling applications as well as electrical power for control, lighting and household appliances. The system provides multiple and hybrid input options to operate off solar thermal, geothermal, gas or electrical power, providing redundancy and energy savings.

Industrial and Commercial

Industrial and commercial settings are particularly suited to nGeni, as many scenarios include large energy consuming processes that emit a lot of waste heat or have mixed thermal requirements employing extremes of temperature. Such wide temperature gradients enhance the efficiencies gained by recycling energy flows when compared to traditional methods of replenishing expended energy with continuous inputs.

process factory industrial
Bioalgae reactor

Biofuels and Direct Air Carbon Capture

When integrated into an intensive bioreactor facility, the direct air carbon capture capabilities of nGeni enhance the efficiency of the photosynthesis process which is generally the limiting factor in bioenergy farming. Operating as a closed loop system, an nGeni enhanced bioenergy production facility is smaller, more efficient and has higher production than with other methods. This conserves valuable agricultural resources for food production.

Synthetic Fuels and Chemical Feedstocks

The multistage thermal processing of the nGeni GreenBox opens up exciting new possibilities for reforming of carbon neutral synthetic fuels and industrial precursor feedstocks from carbon dioxide and other reduced inputs. Combined with catalytic and fractionating processes that already exist in the petrochemical industry, nGeni unlocks the energy premium required to produce specialised fossil fuel replacement products.

Screw expander nGeni Generator

Prime Mover/Generator

nGeni can be configured to operate in a prime mover capacity as a portable external combustion engine, solar powered electric generator or fixed motor for industrial applications. nGeni is fuel agnostic and can operate off any combination of thermal inputs simultaneously, also producing useful intermediate thermal outputs for other heat driven tasks in addition to the mechanical and/or electrical output.


Mining is an energy intensive application that relies heavily on fossil fuel energy, produces a great deal of waste heat and which incurs a substantial carbon footprint. To date, no alternative energy source has satisfactorily answered the question of how to mine sustainably without employing liquid fossil fuels somewhere in the supply chain. nGeni is able to do this using solar energy and waste geothermal heat from mining operations as a recouped energy input. Deeper mining is possible as increasing geothermal gradients yield increases in energy recovery efficiency.

ore processing plant


nGeni has endless applications in transport. In a prime mover capacity it can operate as a drop-in replacement for obsolete internal combustion engines and gas turbines. The fuel agnostic capabilities of the GreenBox mean that it doesn't require specialised fuels and can run on high energy density unrefined bio-oils or low-cost, simple, carbon neutral synthetic hydrocarbons. Most excitingly, when combined with the carbon capture module, vehicles can exchange concentrated carbon dioxide exhaust for fuel at a reforming facility, creating a completely closed-loop carbon-fuel cycle with no atmospheric pollutants whatsoever.

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