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What is nGeni?


nGeni is a suite of green energy technologies that radically transform how we access, use, transport and store energy. At the heart of this technology class is the nGeni GreenBox, a thermal transformer device that will trigger a ground-up rethink of our entire global energy supply chain.


Although surprisingly simple in its construction and principle of operation, the innovative application of energy manipulation mechanisms that mimic natural energy systems makes nGeni totally unique and groundbreaking.

By supplying a small amount of thermal energy to power the unit, the nGeni GreenBox is able to draw upon a greater body of environmental heat which it recycles through a series of cascaded steps to provide motive, electrical and thermal power for all the requirements in a typical user setting, for stationary or transport purposes.

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Downstream of the primary energy input, the nGeni GreenBox captures waste energy from one process and recycles it into the next coolest process until it is finally dissipated at ambient temperature. By recycling energy flows over and over through a series of cascading process steps, only a relatively small amount of primary energy is needed to replace what would be a large number of separate energy inputs in a normal user setting. In so doing, the nGeni GreenBox vastly expands the application of the principle of heat pumps found in air conditioning appliances or refrigerators.


nGeni can even provide outputs below room temperature by cascading the stored energy in the ambient environment, providing space cooling and refrigeration capabilities down to -80 deg.C. Any stage at any temperature can act as a heat sink, storing or releasing energy as required, providing battery-like reserve capacity.

A further important advantage of the nGeni GreenBox is that it transforms a modest amount of primary energy input into a wide range of output energy flows (motive, electricity, hot/medium/low temperature heat, down to freezing) that can be varied largely independently from one another to match end-users’ changing requirements in real time, in a continuous manner, from second to second, as well as seasonally, from year to year.

This is the same process employed by self-organising natural systems and living organisms, which use a small amount of activation energy to manipulate chemical and physical processes for the acquisition of more energy from the environment. Each process in a natural system operates at the specific energy level where it is most efficient which then provides an input for the next process in the energy chain.


Systems that can successfully execute this cascading process in an over unity fashion (i.e. obtaining more energy than they expend in obtaining it) will thrive and successfully evolve into more complex structures and higher organisms.

This is the driving design philosophy of nGeni Australia - leveraging small amounts of primary energy input, directly at or near the point of use, so that all energy systems recycle waste heat and extract more energy from their environment to produce more usable energy output than the initial input. This is necessary if we are to attain true global sustainability.

The basic concept of recycling wastes to become further inputs in downstream processes is not new, in fact it is a basic principle of all life but it has now become a foundational paradigm for global sustainability. nGeni is the first commercial venture to formalise this concept into a complete technology class, that can be implemented in a wide range of appliances and equipment able to be assembled out of configurable building blocks.

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Video Tutorials

The following bites are taken from interviews between Dr Louis Arnoux, developer of the nGeni technology class and Steve St Angelo of the SRSrocco Report. Find the full length interviews and other videos on our Rumble channel here.

Understanding the underlying cause of climate change


Climate change, liquid fossil fuel depletion and ever decreasing energy supply chain efficiency.


Here we explore the interconnected trifecta of global sustainability collapse (the "Energy Seneca") and why the solution, although simple, is not as obvious as one might expect.

Run time: 9:43

Unpacking the myth of the renewable vs. fossil fuel debate


In this video we dig deeper into the renewable vs. fossil fuels debate and reveal why the present renewable options as solutions to climate change and energy independence are a dead-end road. 

Run time: 20:17

Powering the Fourth Transition -
The "Middle Way"


Here we explore how nGeni can expedite the Fourth Transition by increasing efficiency of our existing systems whilst we transition to a solar thermal economy, rather than relying on ever more inefficient and unsustainable mechanisms such as fossil fuels or the so-called "renewables" - wind, solar PV and nuclear power.

Run time: 24:13

An Introduction to the nGeni GreenBox

A brief overview of the capabilities of the nGeni GreenBox.

Run time: 5:25

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