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Media Policy

As a disruptive technology nGeni undermines a key assumption behind a powerful narrative which presently has the global hive mind marching in lock step.

The industrial economic hegemon, which includes governments, banking and countless NGOs and political bodies, is built upon this narrative and has been reinforced over hundreds of years. The inertia of such a machine is enormous and anything with the credible capacity to disrupt it will inevitably be met with scepticism and resistance.

Big Tech companies employ artificial intelligence to drill down on human behaviour, analysing the mechanisms that drive platform uptake and use, continually tuning themselves for maximum profit. As any market analyst knows, fear moves more than confidence and the money is always made on the downside, so the mechanism preferred by the social and mainstream media oligarchs are those human emotions that are most divisive to a social fabric - fear, anger and disgust.

Predatory artificial intelligence, fear capitalism and control of a narrative to suit the commercial and political objectives of the hegemon - these are the tools of control that disallow the spontaneous creativity of a free and thinking scientific community to flourish. If we are to evolve and truly free our civilisation we must be ever vigilant to the stifling of the creative, questioning voice.

The censorship and shaping of narratives by Big Tech is not compatible with this principle and the primary tool to defeat it is to always create parallel and decentralised information structures that stimulate the organic formation and nurturing of innovative thought.

With this as the guiding principle behind nGeni we have adopted a media policy of boycotting Big Tech platforms and mainstream media, so the dissemination of our tech can happen in a natural way by curious minds. Although this may be a longer path, it will build a more diversified school of thought, present in all spheres of human endeavour as well as a more robust body politic, resistant to influence by corporate interests or state actors.


The role of science is not to provide answers, it is to pose questions - nature already has the answers. True science then is a process of continuous discovery and the science is never settled for we can never truly know everything.

It therefore follows that the scientific discoveries with the greatest validity are not that those which have been proven the most, but rather those which have successfully withstood the greatest efforts to be disproven. In the spirit of true science, we put the nGeni technology class out for public inspection and invite any willing scientist to refute it on theoretical or practical grounds.

We will not be censored or de-platformed and invite you to support us on our preferred social media platforms.

Should you wish to share on another platform of your choice we would ask that you consider linking back to our social media pages, rather than the nGeni Australia website. This will bring artificial intelligence that has not yet learned human ethics to answer to a new teacher - the court of public opinion.


Ask yourself, what would the world look like after the machines take over? Perhaps they already have.

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